Mary Burkin
As a loving mom who, when I told the judge that I hadn’t seen my daughter for four months worth of my custody time, was asked by the judge “What do you expect me to do about it?”, I urge everyone who has ever lived through the hell of a custody battle to watch this movie. Can you expect that your child will be taken away from you just because your spouse ran off with someone else? Oh yes. You can.

Darrick Scott-Farnsworth
Thank you for promoting this issue and this site. I have bought 10 of these to send to my politicians with a letter asking them to act on changes in the law.

Carl - The Anti Dead Beat Dad
I just saw the preview of SUPPORT? System down. OH MY GOD!!!!! If you haven’t seen it, get it today! supportthemovie dot com Order a copy for everyone who has stood between you and your children. Angelo Lobo – You have done an out standing job! My hat is off you you.

Amazon (30 minute sneak peek):

Paul Raeburn
 Lobo raises some disturbing issues. While the child-support system places little or no demand on custodial parents (usually mothers), it often places unreasonable demands on fathers. He reports on a roofer who is more than $200,000 in arrears in child support, a debt the man can never repay. (We are not given the details of the situation, so we don’t learn how he fell so far behind.) Another father talks about the bumper falling off his aging compact car as he arrives at his ex-wife’s house, only to find that she’s just bought a new car. He says he makes $100,000 a year but cannot afford his child-support payments. Lobo questions a system in which children are given to one parent or another, rather than encouraged to split their time between both parents. He charges–a charge that I will explore in a future posting–that states can earn money from the federal government by establishing tough child-support regulations. And he says that many fathers are jailed for being only a few thousand dollars behind in their child support–another charge I hope to examine in a future posting. Lobo doesn’t give us enough information about any of the cases he presents to allow us to make our own judgments about the fairness questions he raises. But the audience–including many who said they’d been victims of an unfair child-support system–was clearly moved.