The Inspiration for A Divorce Documentary

What inspired you to make this documentary?

My story is similar to all of the millions of other ones about non-custodial parents. It got to a point to where I just wanted to take the pain and emotion that I was feeling at the time and turn it into a positive to help other people. I started thinking about the power of video and knew that if I could show some of these emotions and touch on what people were actually feeling, then maybe people would start a discussion.

The problem is, no one really wants to talk about it; or if they do they automatically feel that the non-custodial parent is somehow a “bad” person. Saying things like “What did you do wrong?” or “You must not be paying” or “You’re not a good person” when most of the time, that’s not the case. A lot of the time you have normal, everyday people who are feeling tremendous pain and heartache and aren’t able to talk to anyone because the climate has been built against the non-custodial parent to make them feel like they’re not a good person.

December 21, 2013 | James Wood – Allentown Examiner
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